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Memory 76: Promising to carry the dango for Ferris

Memory goes here through the end o the scene.

What he learns?
- Sion wanted him and Ferris to help him with some special job so they planned to blow him off and keep searching for the relics.
- He agreed to carry Ferris' SEVEN PACKS of dango because he was thinking about how great it was that she had friends now.
- She doubled it to FOURTEEN since she's crazy!
- He already knows he did not fulfill his promise. :x

What this means in Aather?

Not a lot since most of this is just filling in the blanks for other stuff. But it does make him miss Ferris a lot. 8(
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Memory 75: Realizing something is seriously wrong with Sion

Memory goes here. Read from the last diamond.

What he learns?
- He was doing an enormous amount of work for Sion and they were both exhausted, so much to the point that Sion could barely be angry at him for making a mess.
- Sion just fazed out on him, just like he did in Aather once he got that horrible skill.
- He forced Sion to sleep because he was seriously started to worry him.
- Sion was still trying to tease him the whole time to distract him. 8(

What this means in Aather?

Sion. 8( He knew most of this from seeing Sion go through it in Aather, but it still uber sucks.
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Memory 74: Ferris telling him to live

Memory goes here until Ferris gets attacked.

What he learns?
- This is part of the fight with Liir. Ferris is protecting him from Liir's magic.
- Ferris was pissed at him for doing a suicidal rush at Liir since she didn't want him to die and leave her alone.
- Liir kept saying that monsters like him (Ryner) shouldn't exist, but Ferris said she didn't care if he was a monster.
- She said it all right for someone like him to be alive since they were companions. he couldn't comprehend hearing someone say that so casually, as if were the most obvious thing in the world.
- Liir attacked Ferris.

What this means in Aather?
It always shakes Ryner to hear someone tell him his existence isn't a mistake and that a person like him does more than just bring pain and death to all those around him. Amethyst has done a fair job of reminding him of that, in Ferris' absence, so this memory isn't quite as powerful as it would be without that. But it's still enforcing why he can't just give up on himself, even when things seem pretty bad. People still want him to be around. They want him, even though he's a monster.
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Memory 73: First friend

Memory goes here.

What he learns?
- This memory takes over from when Asruld (Sion) stabbed the demon (him) in the eye. It didn't kill the demon. In fact, the demon was able to heal it without a problem.
- The demon's power is massive, enough to even analyze Asruld.
- Asruld can manifest dark swords out of nowhere. Can Sion still do this?
- Worshipper? He didn't know what that meant then either. That's the person who made Asruld?
- The demon originally wanted to die but changed his mind because he wanted to learn more about Asruld.
- Asruld was afraid that because the demon was stronger, that meant his life had no meaning.
- The demon said he would never let Asruld die because Asruld was his first friend. He knew he couldn't rewrite Asruld's existence so he would have to grant him his power for Asruld to break free.
- Asruld CUT HIM IN HALF!!!
- This was when the demon asked Asruld to devour him and his power so that Asruld could live on.
- !!!!!

What this means in Aather?
Well, it sure sheds some light on exactly why the demon let Asruld consume him, which was still kind of fuzzy from his original memory of this event. It also lets him know that if the demon is truly part of him, his true power is insane, which scares him a lot since he's still not sure how well he controls Alpha. This memory also hints a bit more about the curse that has been placed upon the hero, who is inside Sion, and whose fate Sion must share. Very distressing. But a big thing is the memory introduces a reason, although Ryner has no idea what that reason means and has never remembered anything like it before. It gives him something to pursue as a means to save Sion.

Oh yeah, remembering getting cut in half is SO NOT FUN. The demon is still friggin' crazy!
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Memory 72: Golem

Memory goes here. Skip parts with Sion.

What he learns?
- The relics sure like to take the forms of scary things. In this case, a laser-firing golem.
- Ferris should really tell him when she picks up random objects.
- They probably never recovered that relic.
- Running away from mass destruction is still A++.

What this means to Aather?
Nothing really. Just a reminder that Ryner can be a lazy ass because someone else will take care of major problems. Which does make him guilty now since he knows that mentality is what lead to Roland and Sion's situation. 8(
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Memory 71: Taking out Nelpha assassins

Memory goes here from Part 8 until Part 10.

What he learns?
- Ferris is always worried about the Dango Shop, like usual. He misses listening to her complain about such things though. 8(
- Six assassins from Nelpha tried to attack Toale's place and he and Ferris had to intercept them. What a pain.
- Ferris was quick to distract him with lewd teasing when the assassins called him a monster for his Alpha Stigma.
- He decided not to kill the assassins once they neutralized them and instead let them go since he knew their professional pride would't allow another attempt after they failed so badly. This confused Ferris of course.
- Being around royalty is so bothersome.

What this means in Aather?
Mostly, it makes him miss bickering with Ferris and it makes him worry about how Toale is fairing back in Nelpha since his jerk prince brother wants to kill him.
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Memory 70: Raika

Stealing this shamelessly from Tatsie since it comes from the Revision manga.

Ferris drags Ryner to an amusement park. Ferris is wearing men's clothing and looks quite attractive, if the horde of fangirls is any indication. Ryner is dressed like a woman, complete with a wig and pink dress and it isn't as well-received. "Ferio" moseys off for a bit and comes back to see "Raiko" chatting up the Taboo Breaker squad, almost successfully convincing them that "she" is not the Ryner they seek. "Ferio" calls Ryner and the deception is revealed, and Ryner runs off with Milk Callaud in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, "Ferio" obtains the true objective of their trip: Miracle Pikky Dango, a specialty dango of the amusement park. Overwhelmed by his ordeal, "Raiko" bursts into tears and runs home.

What he learns?
- Why does he always have to be the woman???
- He can be quite a good actor when he wants. |D
- Ferris still sucks. But he misses her. 8(

What this means in Aather?

Ferris feelings. 8(
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Memory 69: Killing people to save Miilk

I'm just going to copy the section here since it's hard to find in the chapter. )

What he learns?
- Someone had beaten Miilk to the point of near-death when they were in the institute together.
- He had snapped and killed again with his Alpha Stigma.
- Miilk had told him it wasn't bad if he killed her.
- She told him it was okay if he was a monster and he managed to quell his AS.
- They called him 837.
- The soldiers spared Miilk so they could use her to research him.

What this means?
Well, his memory of fighting against AS mitigates this some, but it's still pretty awful. And Ryner hates remembering murders. This is especially hard because it shows that Miilk survived because of him but for the worst reason. :(
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Memory 68: Meeting Asruld for the first time

This probably should be Sig Neu since even Reed wouldn't view this as a super happy time. Oh well.

Memory goes here.

What he learns?
- He (well, whatever version of him that was) met Asruld after Asruld broke through some rift in their dimensional barrier while Asruld was fighting the Goddesses.
- Before Asruld showed up, it felt like he had been alone in that dimension for a long time.
- Asruld originally viewed him as a monster and tried to kill him, even as the Goddesses were trying to kill Asruld.
- This was the first time he saw Asruld (Sion)'s golden blood.
- He was able to fight off the Goddesses because contact with him caused them to disappear.
- The Goddesses also consider him a monster and did not want him to escape his dimension. Which of course made him even more lonely.
- He doesn't know what he is.
- He was happy to find Asruld, another outsider.

What this means?

As with all Reed's memories, Ryner is super disconcerted to have the memories of another person, especially fucked up memories involving the Goddesses. But Reed's overwhelming loneliness also seeps into Ryner after these memories too. There's also that thing about even the Goddesses despising him and calling him a monster and Reed's total lack of knowledge as to what he is. Ugh, what a mess. Still, there are also warm feelings at being around Sion, and Ryner can relate to that. :x
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Memory 67: Stopping crystallization

Memory starts at 13:20 and lasts until Ryner attacks with Izuchi.

What he learns?
- Liir attacked Ferris with his Relic magic! D:
- Liir tried to activate his Alpha Stigma using some special stone, but he was able to fight against it by remembering Ferris and the people he has to live for.
- He was able to stave off Alpha!
- This is not the first time someone has tried to activate his Alpha Stigma that way...

What this means in Aather?

Well, he knows Ferris is all right because he's already remembered the rest of this memory, where he saved Tiir and the other Gods' Eyes children. He's antsy to know that someone has forcibly activated his Alpha Stigma before... but it is a HUGE relief to know that he can fight off Alpha when he really focuses on it. He knows that's probably because of the way Alpha was being triggered here, instead of it being an emotional reaction. But it's still better than nothing. It gives him hope in Three's block having some actual impact on Alpha. Also, this memory serves as a reminder of the people he's living for. Overall, this is a pretty timely memory.
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Memory 66: Reborn and then...

Sob, this memory is going to be hard to link.

Memory goes here. Scroll down until you see "Looking at the sky." And then go through the next chapter until baby Ryner's death.

What he learns?
- Apparently he's been reborn before?
- He used to be triplets with Sion and Ferris. Which makes a hell of a lot of sense since he also knows Ferris used to be part of him. orz
- ... well that escalated quickly.
- So much for that reincarnation. :(

What this means in Aather?

Remembering your death as an infant isn't the most pleasant thing in the world. Aside from that, this memory will probably give Ryner feelings about Ferris being gone and the whole connection among the trio. That and some weirdness about once being related seeing as he's DATING BOTH OF THEM. /o\
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Memory 65: Sion blackmailing him as a student

Memory goes here, starting at 3:50 and ending with the end of the scene.

What he learns?
- Magic training sucks. :(
- He used to be really good at downplaying his abilities so he wouldn't get noticed and he'd be kept away from fighting, where he could endanger others.
- Sion saw through him, of course.
- Sion is always an ASS! A manipulative ass at that. :/
- Kiefer is so mean to him. :(
- Their introduction was Sion was blackmailing him into joining him since Ryner wasn't used to people at the institute knowing about his eyes. Sion told him about this once before but it still sucks. :/

What this means in Aather?

Not much but he'll probably rag on Sion about it.
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Memory 64: Killing the Estabul knights

Memory goes here, starting at 10:26, after Ryner learns of the students' death, and ending at the end of the scene.

What he learns?

What this means in Aather?

This will, understandably, fuck Ryner up because HOLY SHIT THAT WAS A LOT OF DEATH HE CAUSED. And also, the trying to kill his friends, which he has done in Aather before but the memory... is not going to be good. Ryner might be doing his push away thing again. :x
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Memory 63: Dream of Parents

Memory goes here until 1:37

What he learns?
- This memory is pretty blurry so it's hard to tell if it's a memory or just a dream.
- It's almost like his parents really did care for him... So why was he abandoned? Did they change their minds?
- His mother was going to kill him and herself.
- His father promises to protect them all.

What this means in Aather?

It's hard to say since this memory really comes across as a fever dream so its validity is questionable. it works this way in canon too since Ryner has a block on that part of his life, even in Aather, due to what Lieral putting the Demon within him. I think either way it will make Ryner wonder whether it's real or not.
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Memory 62: Nelpha Library

Memory goes here, starting at 5:48 and ending with the scene.

What he learns?
- It's fun to order Toale around. :)
- Toale is so cool.
- Toale's people wish he were next in line to be king and not his brother.
- Toale is a child of the streets just like Sion.

What this means i Aather?
Just more Toale feelings. :(
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Memory 61: 1 Million Dango Promise

Memory goes here.

What he learns?
- Dango can apparently be used to bargain for his life. :|a But Sion will always win because he's a king. :/
- Sion was angry that he didn't come talk to him before running away. :(
- Sion was too embarrassed to have this conversation face to face. |D
- What did he make Ferris promise not to tell? What is Sion talking about? Unsuuuure?
- Killing Sion is always the solution to everything.

What this means in Aather?
Ryner is super unsure about what's going on with this promise, especially with Sion's prelude of Ryner saying he doesn't want to burden anyone. And it would have to be enormous to promise Ferris such an extravagant gift. Feelings. :(
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Memory 60: Ferris gets cursed

Ferris summarizes the memory here and here.

What he learns?
- Ferris needs to STOP WRITING!!!
- The terrorists Ferris defeated at the same ones who were threatening Sion in his letters. :(
- Working hard sucks. 8(
- He was pretty friggin' terrified about Ferris' curse.
- Ferris' gratitude also sucks.

What this means in Aather?

Not much. Just might make him a little more protective about Ferris for a bit. :x
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Memory 59: Childhood training

Memory goes here

What he learns?
- Pia? Someone he used to train with when he was six. She was REALLY GOOD.
- Peria. Another kid he used to train with.
- Sob. He has always known violent women.
- Germer has bad luck with men... Possibly all the violencing.
- It's totally cool to get beat up by strong women. Guys should deal with it. :|b
- Bride. :/
- He slept for ridiculously long periods when he was a kid too. Probably when he started.

What this means in Aather?

Mostly, it just makes him EVEN MORE submissive to women. And affirms his belief that women will always kick his ass. orz
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Memory 58: Solver of All Equations

Memory goes here, starting at 16:10 and ending when Luke walks away.

What he learns?
- He saved Tiir and the kids after Liir's attack.
- Liir didn't kill anyone after Pueka and Lafra.
- Tiir still wants him to stay with him.
- Solver of All Equations?
- Liir also knows about the Hero.
- Luke is willing to trust him.
- Ferris was injured but all right.

What this means in Aather?

What does Solver of All Equations mean? Does it relate to the Demon? How come Liir knows more about him than him? Does Sion know what this means? Just more uncomfy identity issues to deal with. But better feelings about Tiir and the kids getting out of there.
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Memory 57: Kiefer's Betrayal

Anime version: Memory goes here starting at 3:40 and ending when Kiefer runs away.
Book version: Memory goes here through "And suddenly walked away."

What he learns?
- When he was younger, he, Sion, Kiefer and some other students were preparing for some type of military attack.
- Kiefer was upset with him about something.
- Kiefer wanted him to abandon Sion and run away with him, but he thought she was joking.
- She said she liked him, just like she did when he traded places with her in the cell. Only this was before she really understood him.
- This must be when Kiefer betrayed them and got everyone killed...

What this means in Aather?

Just awkward feelings about being liked. Especially being liked by someone who is not Ferris or Sion. And awkward feelings about not knowing what to say to Kiefer at the time. Plus, the apprehension of what happened following this memory.
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