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Memory 73: First friend

Memory goes here.

What he learns?
- This memory takes over from when Asruld (Sion) stabbed the demon (him) in the eye. It didn't kill the demon. In fact, the demon was able to heal it without a problem.
- The demon's power is massive, enough to even analyze Asruld.
- Asruld can manifest dark swords out of nowhere. Can Sion still do this?
- Worshipper? He didn't know what that meant then either. That's the person who made Asruld?
- The demon originally wanted to die but changed his mind because he wanted to learn more about Asruld.
- Asruld was afraid that because the demon was stronger, that meant his life had no meaning.
- The demon said he would never let Asruld die because Asruld was his first friend. He knew he couldn't rewrite Asruld's existence so he would have to grant him his power for Asruld to break free.
- Asruld CUT HIM IN HALF!!!
- This was when the demon asked Asruld to devour him and his power so that Asruld could live on.
- !!!!!

What this means in Aather?
Well, it sure sheds some light on exactly why the demon let Asruld consume him, which was still kind of fuzzy from his original memory of this event. It also lets him know that if the demon is truly part of him, his true power is insane, which scares him a lot since he's still not sure how well he controls Alpha. This memory also hints a bit more about the curse that has been placed upon the hero, who is inside Sion, and whose fate Sion must share. Very distressing. But a big thing is the memory introduces a reason, although Ryner has no idea what that reason means and has never remembered anything like it before. It gives him something to pursue as a means to save Sion.

Oh yeah, remembering getting cut in half is SO NOT FUN. The demon is still friggin' crazy!


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