May. 9th, 2013

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Memory 74: Ferris telling him to live

Memory goes here until Ferris gets attacked.

What he learns?
- This is part of the fight with Liir. Ferris is protecting him from Liir's magic.
- Ferris was pissed at him for doing a suicidal rush at Liir since she didn't want him to die and leave her alone.
- Liir kept saying that monsters like him (Ryner) shouldn't exist, but Ferris said she didn't care if he was a monster.
- She said it all right for someone like him to be alive since they were companions. he couldn't comprehend hearing someone say that so casually, as if were the most obvious thing in the world.
- Liir attacked Ferris.

What this means in Aather?
It always shakes Ryner to hear someone tell him his existence isn't a mistake and that a person like him does more than just bring pain and death to all those around him. Amethyst has done a fair job of reminding him of that, in Ferris' absence, so this memory isn't quite as powerful as it would be without that. But it's still enforcing why he can't just give up on himself, even when things seem pretty bad. People still want him to be around. They want him, even though he's a monster.


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