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Memory 1: Saving Miilk

Memory goes here. Just the first scene.

What he learns?
- He was separated from his family when he was very young. Beauty and Ferris are nowhere to be found.
- His world back home was at war at one point. It's hard to know if it still is. Maybe Beauty knows.
- He was part of some group that sent children to war as soldiers.
- He was often surrounded by children who died in the process
- Couldn't take death back then and dealt with it by getting angry
- Despite everything, he refused to let the fear of death destroy him or his friends
- Believed that as long as they were together, they would make it.

What this means in Decollage?
Well, first, Ryner is very confused as to why Beauty said nothing about them being separated, if Beauty even knows. He does know that Beauty knows their world is in bad shape because of how cagey and protective he was the last time they spoke. So Ryner's feeling really antsy about losing his family and even more antsy about what happened to the little girl after this memory. Did she make it? How did he end up alone anyway?


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