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Age: 20
Height: ~5'11
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Brown (Like this when using Alpha Stigma)
Hair: Black
Appearance: Ryner actually looks fairly well built and there's some clear muscle structure there, giving the appearance of someone who has been well trained. But his typical posture is a bit gangly and slouched since he's a lazy ass. (He straightens up and becomes an entirely different person when he gets serious.) Usually has a lazy look about his eyes and expression. Also, you can always see these symbols if you get close enough, even when his eyes aren't red. As far as hair, it's slightly longer than here so ignore the icons on that too. It probably comes just past his shoulders and is thick. If he's shirtless, you will see this tattoo.

Character Name: //Ryner Lute
Description of powers: Sob.
- Ryner is a super-powerful mage. Here's a basic list of his abilities but it doesn't include everything.
- In general, Ryner pings as possibly godly and possibly demonic. It's hard to tell what he is exactly but you know he is INSANELY POWERFUL.
- Major powers include spells for lightning, fire, wind, water, speed, silence, levitation, shields and summons.
- Ryner can seriously fuck people up when he wants to, but he prefers to hold back to about a quarter of his strength. Ryner is largely a pacifist, but he will protect people.
- Ryner is also a trained Elite soldier and has major military h@x and battle strategy.
- Ryner can create his own spells.
- Ryner can pretty much sleep through anything.

- THE BIG ONE. Ryner can copy any magic that is learned (not innate) using his Alpha Stigma and from then on, can cast it at will.
- **THE SECOND BIG ONE. Ryner is kind of possessed by an evil entity. If under extreme emotional duress, the evil entity takes over and throws Ryner into Alpha Stigma Berserker mode. This means he tries to destroy/kill EVERYTHING around him. :x This can only be subverted by shutting Ryner's eyes or knocking him out (which means you have to be faster than him). Um, in this mode, Ryner will basically blow shit up and cause a shitload of damage.**
- Ryner is triple-possessed. He's possessed by that evil thing, a neutral persona and a gentle persona. He is not aware of any of this. Enjoy.

Innate: Ryner will use his Alpha Stigma copy skill to protect himself whenever he is in serious danger. The beserker mode is also innate. :x Strategy skills. Power-sleeping.
Memory related: All magic outside of berserker mode. Military training.
Relation to memory: All of Ryner's magic requires him remembering the spell. He will need to remember his training before he can perform his military moves. He will need to remember he can create his own spells before he can do this.
Effect of the powercap: Berserker mode will be capped so that he can only do damage within a short radius. Also, his spells in this mode can injure but will not instant kill or otherwise blow body parts up. I will cap his other spells as necessary.
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